UFO Secret Space Project with TJ

We are about to embark on a journey in space that takes a planet we call home into another reality.


The reality we build is based on how we project the “NOW” on our own reality based on the knowledge that we now recognize as that of the entire “RECOGNITION of the UNIVERSES”/

There is no

Theresa J Morris (R)
Dr. Alex Sasha Lessin,
Janet Kira Lessin

other way to describe this journey for each individual except as a spiritual one.

A spiritual journey that to some requires being awake and aware of the awesomeness of space.

We share our journeys with those who have come to a level of acceptance in intelligence that some cannot fathom any higher than a ZEN MASTER.

We now welcome all masters to ascension center origins which are a way to find those who have travelled the cosmos as explorers of that which cannot be explained of earthlings terms.

We are now integarting our channels to expose some of what in the past was thought of as stories only!

We are about to embark on a expose for those with a need to know and who want to know the truth!

See what YOU can do with this information as it is revealed to those in our interactive ACO CLUB for those who know they have an AVATAR MASTER WAVE about them.


Our journey will be long but worth the wait with patience as a virtue! Now only those who can find their way through the mental and emotional bodies will explore their own body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process in a physical body.


We shall all become students and teachers and share the world of words in communication.


For those who desire to grow time in this world, we ask that they learn to interpret their own feelings and accept them as growing into something much larger than team service with synergy.


We are now embarking on a UFO Secret Space Project with those who dare to care and become aware of more than their own interplantary exploration.

Inter stellar population is a known fact. Some of our extraterrestrial kindred spirits come and go as they please. Many with a mission of faith and hope. We will return to a place in space with what some call grace and many know and speak of the immortals that the ancient alien theorists only wonder about in their own way.


We will take those who have a burning desire to know of their inner and outer worlds as the microverse, macroverse, and omniverse. We will take those who have grown their levels as talents and skills and incorpoated them into gifts that can be used to make the higher levels of existence in multi dimensional travel a thing of beauty.


Seek and you will find out that there is more than meets the eyes and ears, and there is more that comes to those who excel in their own natural abilities to do more than survive and thrive there are higher levels and dimension and realms…


Come with us if you dare!

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