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If you would like to become involved in the Theresa J Morris projects, one must first be discovered and share their public persona with TJ.  TJ will interview you on her radiio show called TJ Morris ET Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

She will then ask you to become a free agent, consultant, organizer, volunteer in the ACO Club Support Group.  From there, TJ has assembled a committee of friends who sponsor in  a membership as one who is in seervice to others and desires to apprentice the first year. We are a club of members who all are independent agents and represent art, culture, educon, science, technology, history, folklife,  and the ACO Club brand .  If you are truly interested in participating in this game of life, please read the articles and by-laws and terms of use to figure out where you fit in. You may want to become a practitioner or volunteer. You may want to become a voting member and add to our planning committee for future events. One may be an author and want to share your books on our ACO Club Table at ACO Events.  Theresa J Morris is  an entrepreneur and advocates for a balanced life in this world. Becoming a friend of TJ Morris Agency is where one starts.


Dr. Alexander Lessin Ph.D.
Theresa J Morris
President/CEO ACO Association
Lewis M. Rhinehart
Mobile, AL Event Planner-Organizer
Theresa J Morris with her colleagues Janet Lessin and Dr. Alex Lessin
Theresa J Morris
ACO Club

for ACO Club – American Communications Online

TJ Morris Agency – Theresa is a woman business owner. She is also the founder CEO of the ACO Club.  TJ Morris dba ACIR has the project called UFO Secret Space Command. Theresa is an agent, consultant, organizer for the unity geopolitics assoiation also known as ACE Folklife Society for all humanity which is about education while learning in various social media settings.

Universal Life Minister, TJ shares the challenge of  assisting the ACO Association in  working together with purpose and focus on the greater good.

Theresa is founder of both ACO Ascension Center Organization as the ACO Club and the Alien Contact Organization with the UFO Secret Space Command for educational support.

UFO Secret Space Command is in alliance with the Ancient Cultures Origin and Cosmos Expos of which Theresa J Morris has taken on as international public relations for the world stage. Theresa who prefers to be called TJ now looks for the right people, right places, doing the right things to share unity for the greater good.

tTJ Morris Reporter – is Agent, Consultant, Investigative Reporter

Theresa J Morris –

Theresa J Morris (R)
Dr. Alex Sasha Lessin,
Janet Kira Lessin

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