Researcher Ovnilogo … “JUAN GUILLERMO AGUILERA RODRIGUEZ” … (Photo) .- Ufological curriculum Juan Guillermo Aguilera Rodríguez.- Tertiary studies specialist in computer technical support and Librarian of computer institute, ten years of experience in IPCC Institute …. Formed in ufology in the late 70’s by the Jesuit priest and astronomer Segundo Benigno Reyna and the inventor specialist in Solar energy and inventor Ariel Ciro Rietti, pioneer of the use of helicopters in Argentina. Work with two of the most famous Argentine ufologists, Dr. Antonio Las Heras and Fabio Zerpa. In Chile I was a collaborator of the ufologist Mr. Jorge Eduardo Anfrúns Dumont and of the well-known diffuser of paranormal subjects and ufology gift Patricio Varela. Member of the ARGENTINA DE OVNILOGIA NETWORK of Carlos Ferguson and collaborator of the ARGENTINE FEDERATION OF OVNILOGIA of Luis Burgos. Co-founder of the CIELO research group O.V.N.I. Of the Las Heras Institute. Dicte the first course for researchers of O.V.N.I.s in the CIELO group of Dr. Antonio Las Heras. Producer of the radio program of Dr. Antonio Las Heras. Creator of the Austral research group O.V.N.I. Together with Luis Sepúlveda, a group that made several conferences with great public assistance and the dictation of the second course for researchers of O.V.N.I.s and the first in Chile, with students and friends of the University of Santiago de Chile. Among the documentary research and on the ground of the Austral Group, of these last ones stand out: 1) Cerros de Conchali. In interaction with the alleged extraterrestrial hunters I investigated for a long time the journalist of police cases Osvaldo Muray. 2) Cerro San Cristóbal Case. 3) Cerro case in Huechuraba 4) Cerro Lican case with special experience with O.V.N.I. rectangular. Collaborator of Chilean UFO groups UFO CHILE, C.I.O. And CIFAE. Participate in the Congress of researchers of O.V.N.I.s in the Valley of Elqui, with the paper “OVNIS Y MONTAÑAS”. Perform several investigations and ufological vigils in both Argentina and Chile. Cerro Uritorco case, Victoria case, Entre Ríos case, Magdalena case, Buenos Aires case, Navarro case, Buenos Aires case, Berazategui case, Buenos Aires. Collaborate with the following magazines of diffusion of the subject O.V.N.I .: Revista Karma 7 in the administrations of Pedro Palao Pons and Josep Guijarro. Enigmas Magazine by Dr. Jiménez del Oso. Revista Mas Allah, Revelation magazine. Co-creator of the first two world newspapers of the topic O.V.N.I. With systems analyst Wladimir Beltran. Participation in the digital magazine O.V.N.I. Collaborator of the Argentine electronic journals: The Invisible Dragon of Carlos Iurchuk. To the edge of the reality of Gustavo Fernandez. Participant invited to CEFAA meetings in Chile and permanent contact with specialists from different countries as of February 09, 2017. Contact: Facebok … Juan Guillermo Aguilera Rodriguez Jguillermoar (Twitter) (Google Talk) +56966594563 –