Personal Guidance

We support individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, in their goals of obtaining information, communication, education, resources, entertainment, involvement,

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Sharing in your vision to have a presence among our peers as authors, copywriters, editors, journalists, reporters, artists, videographers, webmasters.

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ACE Folklife Historians, information exchange, artifacts, ethnology, ACO Groups, products/services.   Mission of spiritual science self-help support group resourcing innovative integrated medicine.

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Education Entertainment

Our interest is in supporting individuals who desire to become a part of our social networking groups that feature topics of research which we categorize and introduce individuals to others in their own field.

Investigators and researchers will find their own ways of finding out the who, what, when, where, why, how many, and how much information before coming up with one's own conclusion. We connect the dots to make your journey easier in life.

We address the entire whole life system including the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies in integrated medicine while finding education in entertainment in our communication skills.


Next Steps...

Get involved in our active membership program among our independent professionals. We feature who they are, why they are in our groups and what they desire to share about themselves with others. Many of our practitioners are metaphysicians.