Theresa J Morris &
Myron McCoy reform ACO Club May 2017.
Mobile, AL USA May 2017
Theresa J Morris with her colleagues Janet Lessin and Dr. Alex Lessin

Myron McCoy, Assistant Editor for ACO Club, Researcher, from Mobile, Alabama. Has lived in 6 states and has had varied working experience, shipyard, construction and real estate sales. Eventually returned to college receiving bachelor and master degrees in Parks and Recreation Administration. Worked 5 years with National Park Service and 22 years with the United States of American Bureau of Land Management, and retired in 2013. Enjoys travel and tourism, kayaking, reading, exorcise, and attending events.  Myron  enjoys  all sorts of  sports and  events, and has a special interest in UFOlogy, paranormal, origin of ancient cultures, gnosis history, shares knowledge of spiritual matters, mysteries, occult history, geopolitics.

Theresa J Morris, Editor for ACO Club, Researcher, Author, Speaker,  Radio Host, blogger. Theresa owns a small business called  TJ Morris dba ACIR.TJ is founder of the ACO Club. Theresa began  her  career in property management in 1968.  Began law enforcement in 1976 attending Alvin Community College in Law Enforcement after working at Pearland Police Department. Moved to Birmingham, Alabama where she attended University of Alabama in Birmingham, and began working at Investigative Servvices. Became a Private Investigator and began ACIR Assured Confidential Investigative Reports. Moved to Rochester, New York working for Cucci, Welch, Collichio, Welch, attorneys then moved back to  Houston, Texas working for attorneys such as Newton B. Schwartz, Benton Musselwhite, and others. Joined the U.S. Navy  in uniform and out as peersonnel information security before beginning life as a corporate  chief executive officer for both profit and non-profit. Former  President of Civitan Club. Member Broadcast Music Incorporated. Investigative Reporter  to Commercial Truck Driver  retired. 2015. Theresa now shares American Communication Online in Florida which began January 2017.   TJ shares TJ Morris ET Radio for ACO Club.

Theresa J Morris and Myron McCoy are sharing with Dr. Alexander Lessin, Ph.d., and Janet Kira Lessin to build a peer review journal among the ACO Club members with the UFO Secret Space Command Project, Ancient Cultures Origin  Peer Review Journal, and the Cosmos Expo Magazine.