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UFO Secret Space ACO Allied Command Organization
Theresa j Morris
ACO Club Pres.


The future is about all of us in the NOW!

Alienology and Ufology is not for everyone. We in the ACO also known as the Allied Command Organization are going to share as much as we can with the time we have left on earth.

People of Earth may be suprised to find out about how much we deal with humanoids on the planet. We share the same air!

We are being ask to share what we know about life in the Cosmos.


There are many who know of those who have been assisted on the planet to support the future with successful stories.

We are field investigators, researchers, analysts, caregivers, speakers, even clergy. TAKEN is a word we know well. Most are put back on earth and we share our stories of near death experiences, and what being in the worm hole in time travel is like for the layperson.

We will be defining more of what life in the planes and dimensions of our souls is actually about.

We are about the never ending eternal mind of that which many call the universal mind.

Those who have a direct line to the highest level of   existence may know there place in space in the cosmos. This level on planet earth is only one level. We must learn to find out how to be more, do more, and know more although information and communication of such is not all there is to us as an individual and as a global species.

There is more to know and far to go. We begin with communication and allowing others to find out how to  ascend over time.

Everyone has it, not everyone uses it. Being in touch with our higher selves, and higher purpose can begin the climb we call ascension in times past.

Now we will begin to share how we teach those who want to move further inside and outside of this existence.

Just as we learn about the human physical, mental, spiritual, emotional bodies which house the soul, we learn what animates this connection to source.

We can learn how to manage to live once our loved ones pass on to another plane, and realm of existence. Today, is the time we learn how to use communication for the knowledge of information of what is to come for all of us once we leave here.

Growth  and aging is not optional. Begin looking at what we share about the humanoid species. Look at the medical field and what we know about the co-creation of the physical body, and how  cultures effect the mind and lifestyles of so many.

Our purpose is to assist others on this path from planet earth and into the cosmos where others await to assist the  full account of all levels of reality as it is known to be expressed on planet earth among the humanoids.

We will begin sharing more about the UFOs that are spoken of in daily news awareness among journalists. We have many who will become known in the future for sharing their own personal connection with those who share a dimension in time and the matter which has not mattered until now. Arts, and sciences are just becoming aware that there is an awareness before the singularity where technology and biology will once again coincide. The time is now to make arrangements for the future which is coming. Be prepared for change.  TJ

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