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Theresa J Morris also known as TJ Morris is an Author-Researcher, Clairvoyant Spiritual Life Coach Minister, Radio Host, Speaker, and Founder of the ACO Club for  American Communications Online, a digital media company. TJ is Founder of the ACO Alien Contact Organization. Theresa J Morris Ministries is an education of faith for the Soul Journey as Spiritual Eternal Essence of all levels of our Universes and all souls with source on Writer-Researcher on Member BMI Broadcast Music Inc.-and TJ Morris ACIR USA. Founder as a Paranormal Researcher,  Radio Host and Speaker on Ancient Culturess Origins,a Futurology, Phenomenology, Metaphysics,Spirituality, NDE/OBE Super Natural, and shares the unknown and unexplained of the cosmos. Websites include,, AlienContact.US, TJ MorrisMedia, TJ, TJ,, and  Best known as the Hawaii Founder of the Original Ascension Center 1989-1994. Mother of 4 daughters, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren and counting. Theresa is a widow and was married to Steven Lee Parrish and Thomas Ray Morris. Now lives with her female dog Coco Morris and her male cat TomCat Morris in Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA. Has over 700 shows since 2012 as TJ Morris ET Radio and Cosmos Connection.ACIR Investigative Reporters. Contact Msg. Phone: 1-270-256-6340. Book Author of TAKEN UP, Knowing Cosmology, and Roswell UFO Encounters available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. ACIR brand as an investigative reporter since 1978. Assured Confidential Investigative Reports has also been shared as Alien Contact Intergalactic Reports for those with a need to know. Prior U.S. government training, Legal Investigator, Private Investigator. Former U.S. Navy 1985-1993.  ACIR Investigative Reporters. Contact Msg. Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 – +1-850-736-5138 to coordinate our and to schedule on our calendar of upcoming events as colleagues.

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