UFO Secret Space Command is a project of the ACO Club. Founder is Theresa J Morris.  A division of ACIR, Advisory Council Intergalactic Relations.

Alien Contact Organization is a division of TJ Morris ET Radio since June 3, 2012.  Ascension Center Organization a spiritual science education and trade organization formed in Hawaii.  (1989-1993) . ACE  Folklife Association was organized in (2003-2007), and ACO Club (2012 to the present). The  various groups have federal identification numbers and operate as unincorporated associations for blogging purposes.


Theresa J Morris officially met in person Dr.  Alenxander Phillip (Sasha) Lessin, Ph.d. anthropology,  masters in psychology. Janet Kira Lessin, agent, consultant, organizer, and re-established a goal of communication administration for various authors, speakers, and volunteers who desire to participate in the research of alien origins and unidentified flying objects and similar interests in histories mysteries. All three are authors, speakers, and event planners.

A Theresa J Morris (R)
Dr. Alex Sasha Lessin,
Janet Kira Lessin